Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore Harmonica tabs

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Just take some loneliness
And add a tear or two
Throw in some emptiness
Mix ’till you’re bluer than blue
Keep it all under cover
Next to your broken dreams
When you’re through
Then you’ll know how I
Sit alone and cry
As the nights go by
Makes you wanta die

Your baby doesn’t love you anymore
Your baby doesn’t love you anymore

You try to make believe
It doesn’t bother you
For your own sake believe
You’ll make it through
Just make a vow ev’ry morning
That today you will change
Your point of view
But it’s all a game
That you play in vain
And you live in pain
Cuz it’s very plain


And there’s nothin’ that you can do
But just break down and cry
It’s over for you


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